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Dedicada a mi Ex

Cinema | 2019

Dedicada a mi Ex

Dedicada a mi Ex is the story of Ariel, a 21 year old nerd. He can’t accept that his girlfriend Carol broke up with him when she went to study in Finland. Signing up to a battle of brands organised by the cola brand Discola, he puts a band together with his best friend Ortega in order to win the main prize of $10.000 with which he hopes to fly to Finland to reunite with Carol. On the way he finds the true meaning of love.


The co-production with Dynamo with Sony Pictures as the lead distributor was released in November 2019 in theatres across Latin America. It was the most successful Ecuatorian picture in history and a great commercial success.

Format: Movie

Production: Touché Films

Genre: Fiction

Release date: November 2019


The remake (Spain Version) of Dedicada a mi Ex is currently in pre-production with casting expected to begin in October of 2020 and shooting expected to start at the end of this year. 

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