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Misfit (LATAM)

Cinema | 2021

Misfit (Latam)

Format: Movie

Production: 2bOriginals

Genre: Fiction

Release date: 2021

This is the story of JULIA, a teenager from Latin America who has lived in the U.S. most of her life. She is popular, a successful YouTuber and wants to become prom queen.


Everything changes abruptly when her family has to return to Ecuador. What will she have to face?

Getting used to a new culture and a catholic high school will not be easy. The “gringa” becomes the target of “La Reinas”, three popular bullies who rule the school. Julia is now a misfit who will have to earn her new friends’ affection in order to survive. 

The original movie was made by NewBe (NL) and became a box office success in the Netherlands and subsequently remakes in Germany and Poland became hits in their territories also. Misfit 2 also became a success last summer and currently Misfit 3 and a spin off TV series are in pre-production.

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