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Mortal Glitch

YouTube Originals | 2020

Mortal Glitch

Format: Series

Production: Touché Films

Genre: Fiction

Release date: 2020

It’s an exclusive series for YouTube Originals. 


Throughout the five episodes full of emotion, adventure and humor, Mortal Glitch tells the story of Iria (Antonella Valeriano), a character from the video game Hero's Legend, that decides to change her destiny into being a heroine. Accompanied by Laín (Orlando Herrera) and Hermes (Diego Ulloa), Iria develops the necessary abilities to complete all the levels, revive her friend and save the world.


With the humor characterized by, this show embodies the concept of how ordinary people can do extraordinary things. 


Entirely shot in Ecuador it is one of the most ambitious audiovisual projects to come out of the territory.

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