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2bOriginals will produce MISFIT for the Spanish speaking markets

Misfit is now the Dutch film with the most remakes ever

  • 2bOriginals is the production arm of 2b, a leading digital media group focussed on reaching young Spanish speaking audiences worldwide through both digital media as well as film and TV.

  • Misfit is a high school comedy for girls 7-14 year old, drawing heavily on YouTube stars/social influencers for its cast and promotion. The movie, originally produced by NewBe and Splendid Film in Dutch, German and Polish versions already and has been a box office hit in each territory.

  • NewBe is a talent-first, on-demand specialized production company developing and producing films and series mostly for SVOD platforms. NewBe the only Dutch production company with original films or series on all major platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Videoland, YouTube).

  • Misfit will be produced for the Latin American market by Touché Films, a subsidiary of 2b and the production company behind the hugely successful comedy channel and the 2019 feature film Dedicada a mi Ex.

  • Misfit 2 was released in Holland late 2019 and Misfit 3 and a spin off TV series are under development.

May 5, 2020. - 2bOriginals, the production arm of 2b, a leading digital media group with offices in Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and the US and its subsidiary Touché Films have struck a deal with Dutch movie and TV production company NewBe.

2b has acquired the rights to develop the hit franchise Misfit in different territories, starting with Latin America, where soon more than 450 million people will be able to watch the movie.

NewBe, like 2b, specialised in reaching young digital audiences through different media, developed, packaged and produced the original Misfit movie together with Splendid Film with a view of creating an international franchise, in line with Holland’s international format distribution reputation.. It will soon be the most remade Dutch movie ever.

Splendid Film GmbH, based in Cologne, purchases films on the global market and markets them across the entire value-added chain, mainly in German-speaking regions and the Benelux countries.

The picture will be produced by 2b’s subsidiary Touché Films and is planned for theatrical release by the end of this year.

“Misfit is a feel good movie that stresses the importance of being yourself and believing in yourself,” said Jeroen Koopman, CEO and Founder of NewBe, “In the Netherlands more then 80% of girls between 8 and 12 years old have seen the movie. The idea that we can make this happen across Latin America gives us goose bumps.”

“The Misfit franchise is a great fit for some of our young, Spanish speaking digitally native audience ,” explains Bastian Manintveld, Chairman of 2b, “We are always working on new and exciting ways for us to scale up and reach this audience through traditional media, and we hope that this is one of the first of many projects we will work on with NewBe. We are proud to have Jeroen and his team as our allies in this exciting project.”

“With Misfit we will build upon the experience and strategies that helped our first movie Dedicada a mi Ex a huge success,” explains Arturo Yepez, CEO of Touché Films, “The audience can expect a great, fun to watch feel good comedy with some of the best elements from the EnchufeTV cast and talent mixed with some of the biggest influencers from across Latin America.”

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