2btube acquires majority stake in EnchufeTV/Touché Films

Both companies joined forces to realize their joint ambition to become the leading Spanish language digital media company

  • Touché Films is the production company behind the successful Enchufe.tv comedy channel. For 2019 it has both a feature film and an original premium OTT series slated for release.

  • 2btube is the leading spanish digital media group on ComScore in Spain and gathers more than 1.5 billion monthly views on YouTube worldwide.

  • Both companies share the ambition to become the leading Spanish language digital media group.

January 15, 2019. - 2btube, a leading digital media group with offices in Spain, Mexico and the US has acquired a majority stake in Touché Films, the Ecuadorian production company behind Enchufe.tv, the most successful comedy sketches channel in Spanish, with nearly 20 million subscribers on YouTube, over 10 million on Facebook and more than 8 billion views since its launch. Enchufe.tv is also distributed on cable and free TV across Latin America. The deal was closed on the 21st of December last year.

Together both companies will focus on realizing their joint ambition to become the leading Spanish language digital media group. They will jointly invest in increasing the volume of production, distribution and international expansion of Enchufe.tv

Touché Films has a feature film, co-produced with Dynamo (Narcos) and distributed in Latin America by Sony Pictures and an original action series produced for a global premium OTT service, slated for release in 2019.

Founded in 2014, 2btube has become the leading Spanish private media group in terms of digital audience, reaching 7.4 million unique users per month in Spain, according to Comscore. Globally 2btube has launched more than 20 owned and operated channels, and represents around 500 talents, reaching an audience of more than 1.5 billion monthly views and 265 million subscribers on YouTube.

"We are so proud to have brought the team of Touché Films into the 2btube family," explains Bastian Manintveld, Executive Chairman of 2btube, “They have managed to build a successful world-class production company that understands and speaks the language of the digital generation. Like 2btube, they know how to work with brands who want to reach this elusive audience. We’ve been working together for over 2 years, and over the next years we’re looking forward to realize our joint ambition to become the leading Spanish language digital media group.“

The relationship between 2btube and Touché Films began in June 2017 with the signing of a commercial representation agreement which in 2018 evolved into a co-production agreement. Now, 2btube goes a step further in its relationship with Touché Films with the purchase of a majority stake in the production company.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with 2btube and benefit from our unique joint competitive position where we can add even more value to brands and advertisers across our different platforms to spanish speaking audiences worldwide.” explains Martín Domínguez, CEO of Touché Films, “It’s a match made in new media heaven where we each bring something unique to the table, and further enables us to continue and expand on our mission to be the leading producer of comedy for digital platforms.”

2btube will provide Touché Films with a global presence in the Spanish-speaking market with more than 100 employees with accounts and local production teams in Spain, Mexico and the US that will develop the enchufe.tv brand with local talent.

In addition, through this acquisition, 2btube expands its physical presence in Latin America and adds new premium content to its portfolio, starting with the feature film that will be released in 2019 and the premium series.

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