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Our first movie"Dedicada a mi ex" arrives at Netflix

  • After its successful premiere on Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico cinemas and VOD platforms , “Dedicada a mi ex” arrives at the prestigious and international platform Netflix and it is available for all of the LATAM countries.

  • This is the first Ecuadorian film that will be available to enjoy on the world’s biggest streaming platform.

  • The film is a co-production of our subsidiary company in Ecuador, Touché Films, and Dynamo (Colombia). Sony Pictures is in charge of its international distribution.

After its successful premiere in 2019 in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico cinemas and after its presence on Google Play and Cinépolis Klic (VOD platforms), “Dedicada a mi ex” is now available to be enjoyed on the streaming platform with the biggest number of subscribers worldwide; Netflix. The platform has 37,5 million subscribers in Latin America and reports an approximate growth of 20% subscribers annually.

In order to commemorate the desired arrival of the first Ecuadorian film at Netflix, has launched a sketch named “Netflix & Chill” on its YouTube channel. The sketch features renowned and loved talents by fans and shares the comedic and romantic theme present in “Dedicada a mi ex”.

The film tells the story of Ariel, who after being abandoned by his girlfriend, has it all clear: leaving everything behind to travel and win her back, but does not own enough money to do so. When everything seems lost, an opportunity emerges: enroll in a band’s battle where the winner will obtain 10.000 dollars. Determined to achieve his purpose, he sets up a rock band formed by his wild friend Ortega, a rebel drums player named Felicia and Néstor, a Christian awful guitarist. Along the way, the rock band will have to decide between the prize or their friendship, meanwhile Ariel discovers that love, just like a good song, comes when you least expect it.

The film, directed by Jorge Ulloa features Raúl Santana, Nataly Valencia (Ecuador), Biassini Segura (Colombia) and Carlos Alcántara (Perú), counts with the participation of renowned Latin American actors such as: Mariana Treviño, Eugenio Derbez, Jorge Enrique Abello and Lorna Cepeda; as well as the Ecuadorians: Alfredo Espinoza, Orlando Herrera, Martha Ormaza, Alex Cisneros, amongst others. In addition, there are appearances of well-known influencers and youtubers such as: Fernanfloo, Luisito Comunica, Werevertumorro, Mox, Yosstop, Kika Nieto and Iván Marín.

According to Jorge Ulloa, director of the film: “When ‘Dedicada a mi ex’ arrived at theaters, it had a beautiful reception from the audience, who made it the most watched Ecuadorian film in history. Now, being the first Ecuadorian film on Netflix gives the project a second chance, where new audiences and territories will be discovered. The purpose of a content that counts with love and hard work behind, is to reach the widest possible audience”.
“Arriving with our first film at Netflix is a recognition of the quality of our content, the abilities that our products have in order to travel through Latin America and the identification we have achieved with the region's young audiences in almost 10 years of work. ‘Dedicada a mi ex’ is the second of many products that Touché films will make available to bigger platforms from 2021, after the Mortal Glitch success on YouTube Premium” commented Arturo Yépez, CEO Touché Films.

The film is already available on Netflix for all of the Latin American countries, just as Touché Films is in the process of shooting its second film, a remake of the successful Dutch franchise “Misfit”. For more information about its new film click here.

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