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"Dedicada a mi Ex": Success on box office in Latin America

  • The film co-produced by Dynamo (Colombia) and Touché Films (Ecuador), and distributed by Sony Pictures, is the result of the success of the series for YouTube:

  • Renowned influencers, youtubers and celebrities attended the Avant Premiere Red Carpet which took place in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

December 10, 2019. - "Dedicada a mi Ex", the Ecuadorian director and actor Jorge Ulloa's debut film and the first film by the creators of premiered on November 1 in Mexico, on November 7 in Colombia and Peru, and on November 8 in the Ecuador cinemas. The film has been a success throughout Latin America and has been officially positioned as the highest grossing Ecuadorian film in history. The Avant Premiere began in each country with a red carpet where famous celebrities from the digital world paraded. There was no shortage of Live Streaming where the director and the protagonists answered questions from their fans. Finally, and to conclude Youtubers, influencers, fans and the media were able to see the film for the first time, but not before hearing a few words from the director and the protagonists who passed room by room thanking the public for the immense support .

"Thanks to the support of the exhibitors, our allies and, of course, the people who follow us, Dedicada a mi Ex has managed to capture an unprecedented audience in a very short time of being in theaters; demonstrating that the audience is keen for our content in other windows, beyond YouTube", explains Arturo Yépez, CEO of Touché Films

The film tells the story of Ariel (Raúl Santana), a 21-year-old boy, quiet and fearful of change, who falls apart after breaking up with his girlfriend of all adolescence, upon learning that she will travel to Finland for an internship. Together with his best friend (Biassini Segura), an immature and enthusiastic boy, they try to get the money to go for it, but no attempt is successful, until a battle of bands reaches the city, where the prize is $ 10,000.  Both, without any musical knowledge, form a rock band to win the contest, calling a casting to integrate two more members: Felicia (Nataly Valencia), a skillful drummer, eccentric and rebellious and Néstor (Carlos Alcántara), a lousy and decadent middle-aged Christian guitarist.

The feature film has the participation of renowned Latin American actors such as: Carlos Alcántara from Peru, Mariana Treviño and Eugenio Derbez from Mexico, Jorge Enrique Abello and Lorna Cepeda from Colombia; as well as the Ecuadorians: Alfredo Espinoza, Orlando Herrera, Martha Ormaza, Alex Cisneros, among others. Additionally, the film features appearances by renowned Latin American influencers and youtubers such as: Fernanfloo, Luisito Comunica, Werevertumorro, Mox, Yosstop, Kika Nieto and Iván Marín. <Back to news

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