Facebook selects 2btube to produce four exclusive series

  • At MIPCOM Facebook announced its European partnerships to create exclusive content for Facebook Watch. 2btube is the only Spanish production partner.

  • 2btube is producing four original creator led series, to be released in November.

  • Series produced by 2btube is a combination of powerful local digital talent such as Jorge Cremades, Martina D’Antiochia, Polifacético, Destripando la historia, La Pelo and Antón Lofer; along with popular publishers such as Cocina Facilísimo or Academia Play; and well established directors such as Roberto Perez Toledo.

October 15th, 2019 . - 2btube , the leading digital media group specialized in connecting with Spanish speaking audiences, announces the production of four exclusive series for Facebook . 2btube is the only partner in Spain to participate in the new Facebook Watch funding program rolling out in various countries in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) this quarter.

At MIPCOM Facebook announced their initiative to bring together digital publishers with beloved creators and public figures all of whom have established communities on the social network.

For Spain, 2btube has selected powerful local digital talent and popular publishers pages with millions of followers where it will distribute four minutes episodes every week. Each show will have 8 episodes which will be published in November and December.

  • Menú a 20: Renowned influencers and celebrities including singers such as Natalia Rodríguez and Soraya Arnelas, comedians Agustín Jiménez and Eva Soriano, or personalities as chef Paco Bello and presenter and DIY idol Jordi Cruz Pérez; participate in kitchen-based challenges with limited time, limited budget and limited ingredients, hosted by La Pelo and published in Cocina Facilísimo.

  • Amor superdotado (Gifted Love): Fiction series about an international convention of highly intellectual students where they come together to discover that love requires something more than just intelligence. It is written and directed by Roberto Pérez Toledo, (recognized Spanish writer and director, who owns the popular Facebook channel “Mi Vida Rueda”. Two of his best known films are “Como la espuma” and “Seis puntos sobre Emma”). The series stars Martina D’Antiochia (who recently featured in Santiago Segura’s summer box office hit) and the young and upcoming Spanish actor Daniel Arias.

  • Epic Roomates: by Academia Play and narrated by Destripando la historia. An animated series where famous personalities from history such as Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and many more become roommates.

  • Intercepta2 (Street Lifeline): Comedians Jorge Cremades, Antón Lofer, and Polifacético battle it out by choosing random participants from the street and encourage them to participate in competitive prank-calling.

“At 2btube, we’re thrilled to participate in the Facebook Watch program. It allows us to create engaging new shows with some of our most popular talent covering a broad range of genres; from fiction to animation and from street pranks to cooking. It brings together what we do best: Connecting with young audiences through contemporary and high-quality story-telling” said Fabienne Fourquet CEO of 2btube .

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