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Mortal Glitch surpasses 25 million views in its first week of release

Mortal Glitch is the series developed by Touché Films, a subsidiary of 2bOriginals in Ecuador, exclusively for YouTube Originals. Released on September 2, 2020 on it’s flagship channel, its first episode garnered more than 25 million views in less than a week.

Throughout five episodes, Mortal Glitch tells the story of Iria (Antonella Valeriano), a non-playable character from the video game Hero’s Legend. This young woman in condemned to repeat her routine as a simple care taker of “pigchickens,” the farm animals in this game. A glitch comes to town and kills the hero and Iria’s best friend. The only way to revive them is to restart the game. She takes on that challenge and decides to change her destiny to become a hero. With by Laín (Orlando Herrera and Hermes (Diego Ulloa), Iria will acquire the skills necessary to complete all levels, revive her friend and save the world. With the characteristic humor of, this show highlights the concept that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

“Mortal Glitch is not only the first Touché Films premium series developed with YouTube Originals, but also the sum of experiences that our team has accumulated during almost 9 years of work. This is the first in a series of projects that seek to tell unique stories, with identifiable situations for young audiences in Latin America and the world,” mentioned Arturo Yépez, CEO of Touché Films.
Somehow we knew that’s subscribers would be very happy with this new premier, but for us it was pleasant surprise to see that a Latin American product reaches and exceeds 25 million views in the first days of release. Without a doubt, it is the fruit of Touchés Films’ years of effort, strengthened by YouTube Originals,” mentioned Margie Moreno, Leader of YouTube Originals for Latin America.

Each episode of the series has been published on a weekly basis, but since its premier, it has been available in full and without ads for YouTube Premium subscribers. .

Here you can watch the series.

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