The shooting of the LATAM Misfit film remake has finished

  • It is a comedy produced by our producer in Ecuador: Touché Films. It will be released in Latin American cinemas in 2021.

The shooting of the film Misfit ended last 22nd December. It is the new film of our Ecuadorian producer Touché Films, it was being shot for 3 weeks in the city of Quito, under strict safety measures. The production had a technical team of more than 70 people, 26 actors, 75 extras and 9 locations.

Misfit has the participation of a renowned national and international cast, amongst which we can stand out Alicia Jaziz and Gimena Gómez from Mexico; Julián Cerati and Mica Suárez from Argentina; Javi Luna from Spain; Raysa Ortiz from Peru and Giselle Torres from the States.

The Ecuadorians Jorge Ulloa, Nataly Valencia and Julio Pañi, from's cast are also part of this romantic Latin American comedy, an adaptation of the original Misfit produced in Holland in 2017 (more information here).

Directed by Orlando Herrera, it is Touché Films’ second feature film that will be released in cinemas. The premiere will be in 2021 in several countries in the region.

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